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To some bread is bread. To us bread is our passion. Do you dream of the perfect loaf of bread? We do, and it is what we strive to achieve everyday at our bakeries. This perfection doesn't end at our breads; we want each plate of food and each cup of coffee to be a magical experience. Come into our space and see where your imagination takes you.

It all began with hunger on a Madagascan beach back in July 2006... And then an old man on an old bicycle answered our craving for great bread; with his bike stacked high with fresh baguettes the taste and experience was something to cherish and it was something we wanted everyone back home to enjoy. And so with that the name Vovo Telo was born, taken from a place and a moment in time where the inspiration first took hold of us.

Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, soon became our home... Artisan baking masters came to share their skills and experiences with us. Fresh aromas would drift down Raleigh Street through the morning air, and people would come to investigate, watching us at work. Over time, our customers began to realise what artisan baking was all about and eventually, they would even begin to bring their own fillings for our freshly baked bread and sit and eat them on our stoep. So we thought it was only hospitable to put down some tables and chairs, and perhaps offer a perfect coffee to go with that morning croissant.

From there, options expanded into a range of sandwiches, pastries, light breakfasts and lunches that you can enjoy at any of our bakeries today...

We love putting our great breads together with the finest, fresh ingredients we can find to try and create something special everyday. We use local, artisanal products in all our bakeries, supporting producers who share our love of quality and integrity. From stone-ground flour, to Karoo olives, award-winning boerenkaas, free-range eggs and farm-fresh produce. So come by one of our stores and pick up breads and pastries fresh out of the oven, or linger a while and enjoy a meal with us. We loved making it, and we hope you can taste the passion.

It's 4 am, and while the world is asleep, our hard work is done. Many questions and thoughts circle our minds as 80 baguettes go into the oven. Was the dough at its peak? Were they slashed correctly? As the hot air and caramelised aroma from the oven steams over our faces 15 minutes later, our questions are answered. We are content. The baguettes have generously sprung from the heat and doubled in size causing the carefully placed slashes in the bread to burst open. Pure delight.

Soon the racks are full with crackling loaves. The bread is now singing. We often stand and marvel at all the types and shapes of breads stacked and ready for selling and realise that they are more than a food source, they are a metaphor for abundance, good health and an honest days work.


From creamy scrambled eggs on toasted ciabatta, to ricotta hotcakes with honey butter and banana or pain perdu (brioche French toast) with honey mascarpone cream and berry compote, our breakfasts will liven up any morning…oh, and don't forget a shot of espresso for the morning kick.

There is plenty to choose from our lunch menu, like our popular pissaladière (thin crust pizzas) with many delicious toppings or our deeply filled sandwiches and healthy salads that will make your lunch break really feel like a break.

So whether you are after a quick bite or a lazy day with a newspaper, a pastry and a cappuccino, we will make sure you are never disappointed.


In true Vovo Telo tradition, we believe every ingredient needs to be of the highest quality and that is why all our pastries are made with real ingredients. There is nothing better than biting into a buttery croissant while enjoying your flat white in the morning or any part of the day. Layer upon layer of pastry creates the perfect delicacy; we make everything from pain au chocolate, pain au raisins, berry pinwheels and apricotinis. So whatever your taste, we know that having one won't be enough.


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